It’s finally here! And I should go to bed now but I wanted to add 1 more thing to this site just before!

So currently I’m working on adding ads to the site and I just included the link to the M-Videos page. The next step after that is to work on the video reviews for the products I have plan on selling on this site and youtube. Don’t worry, it’s just an assortment of little things I’m personally consuming, like Tea and also experiences with hairstyler shops, cameras, computer accessories, video games (indie games), and other things until I find a niche that sticks.

I’m also working on a video game project that is now posted on the M-Videos page to show you what’s happening with that too. 

Due to my schedule, things are gonna be hard to get everything in here done, so please come back periodically. I will be adding little extras that is also stuff I love, like animatics (storyboard animations), and cool other art stuff. 

Another big thing is that I will be also working on cutting up 4 hours worth of video and uploading it here as well. That is listed part of my tasks to do this year, on top of the reviews (which are priority). 

In the business aspect, I need to make money first before I can do the really fun stuff, so I’m going to focus first on selling things from amazon, then slowly create my own brand with amazon after I get all these things working. In the meantime I’m surviving paycheck to paycheck until this baby starts doing something so I can focus on it more. 

I hope you understand and enjoy it! Have a nice beautiful day!

-Gerardo aka Mariolegend