My New MariolegendVX Twitch channel! Stay tuned for more here….


My 12 year old YouTube channel-

I’ll stream here when I got something really special to show for you. Sometimes I do livestream with friends too on here.


Here is my safety freeform streaming platform where I usually go butt wild with my creative and gaming self.


And the last one in the line is Web.TV – I only have this one here just in case everything else isn’t on option anymore.

Livestream channels

You have choices, and sometimes I, Mariolegend, will livestream on different platforms for different reasons.

  • Twitch: I will only stream on this platform once I get to know it better -
  • Periscope: I will mostly stream here because I can get away with a lot of shit lol and not get penalized. So it's more freeform as I can say what I want, do what I want (model tities in 3D) and listen to cool music of all kinds and I'll be fine.
  • YouTube: I will rarely livestream here because it's way more sensitive to content (music, visuals, language) and will only use it to premiere live complete stuff that is designed for that platform.
  • Web.TV: This was an alternative i was using but unfortunately the place is really poor user designed and most of my streams are lost after is done. I intended it to use it more for freeform talk, but periscope beat it by a whole lot. So if I ever use it, it's because everything else went down the shitter.

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