Gerardo J Valerio

The dude that has the master sword umbrella.

I’m Gerardo J Valerio, the journal keeper of this place. I’ll be posting all of my stuff here. Graphics, animation, comics, videos and more for everyone’s enjoyment. I’ll be though talking about technical stuff like making 3D art and video games and such. I’ll keep it as original as possible so don’t worry.

The Vision

My vision is to realize my dream in giving a story to the world. This set of stories, to learn how to tell them, is my current long term goal. All through my life, I’ve been learning on my own by different examples that are out there. I read comics, mythologies, and world event articles that influence the way i tell my tales. Hopefully now with my site renewed, I can finally post everything i have from the past to the present time and I hope you enjoy them.

The things that I like to do:

  • I love sleep
  • Taste testing is also my favorite thing currently, like wine or even new foods. 
  • Playing Nintendo games
  • I like walking a lot! 
  • I sometimes like to go to places i have never visited before and also love to get lost. 
  • And also, I love being creative. I can’t stop dreaming or thinking with the intention of making something cool.

A Goal is a dream with a deadline “

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