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This is the library of video that I have made for your entertainment, knowledge, and some wisdom in there too. I will also have recommended/reviews of products to share with you here as well.

It will be ready by Launch time… 


Since 2007 this website was intended to keep some memories and also have a few creative ideas on display. So to keep tradition, I will be having a spot for my old stuff that also relates to certain projects I’m still developing creatively but haven’t had a chance to finish them yet.

I invite you to see my past….


In here is the item shop list that is curated by Mariolegend which some he uses and recommends.

(coming soon)

Always exploring and learning new things to create.

I’ve had a passion in making creative things for a very long time now.

Drawings and concepts are always first a thought….

The Mariolegend Arcade ZONE! Where cool games will premiere here!