Hey there!

So I changed the Official Launch date of this site for later next month so I can focus on getting stuff done on it. Getting feedback on the page is greatly appreciated and that’s what I’m acting on for it now.

In accordance to many who have given me their input on this website, I’m going to modify some stuff and as well keep adding things to it. Since my time is split with life, I can only do things so quickly. I usually don’t catch things are wrong until either someone tells me or I later notice after the fact. So I apologize as the site is still in a very early stage of development.

Also another point to talk about is how this site currently more of an example of my capabilities, thus why I center it off first on myself. The reason why is because I don’t know what else to create a center for everything else that I will branch off from. 

The plan of branching off and diversifying this site with collaborative works I first need to start with myself. The path going forward though is going to be much more interesting, I promise that. 

One of these things is to have video I created with other people, like the Computer Clubhouse. These will be here, as well as games in the arcade section (coming soon). 

It’s not fun to have something of this operation without the help of others. This is fundamentally a reason why I have felt a bit of a drag just doing this with only having a narcissistic angle, since everything cost money to license. Another point is that I’m looking to help others work things with visual art and design. So before I do have collab work to showcase, I’m going to share what I am capable first. 


Tribus Fabula RPG html5 game

The model design of this website I’m referencing it off from newgrounds.com. I’m going to have html5 stuff all over the place. The games I’ve made in the past will appear in here too as an html5 as well. This will include Dark Zeta Demo (v0.14s 2013 demo action adventure), Jetty Ball html5 (A shooter made in 1999), GridXross:Dreams html5 (action shooter), and Tribus Fabula Dreams X Episode 01 (RPG) in the Arcade section. I’m also adding storyboard/comic book stories too but at a later date from launch.

Those games won’t appear until later in August of this year because I have to port some of them over, while some already are ready to go. The RPG won’t be ready until further notice since I restarted that one from last year. The game engine for that one is Unity, but I’m using a tool from Steam I found that is so good for that type of game that gives me the key ingredients to make a more solid story game than the library package I was using before ever did. It’s a lot closer to RPG maker but I can finally do everything without worrying so much to code and use both 3D and 2D assets. So maybe I can actually finish this game this year (hopefully). But I’m going to put less time on it than the other projects I’m up working on first, so don’t hold your breath for it.

Just to point out, Dark Zeta project comes first but then I need to learn another new tool for it since it’s an Action RPG. Pre-Production is on, and the remake of the website is going to go with the development of the game to make it more cohesively interconnected to better showcase the concept. It is though looking really nice so far, but I won’t release the countdown until I can get it in shape at 50% completion. This page will then link to it and as well have an html5 2019 demo update. Well, maybe not this year, but hopefully have a demo ready by next year. 

So now you guys know. I’m a very busy person. Priority I have to give first to finding ways to make money so I can keep these things going. I just hope you guys understand that the narcissistic start is only temporary, and more diverse things will happen that will mix things up better. It will be much more fun as time goes when I join forces with others and be able to show that off later.   

If you read this far into this little article, thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day and please check in from time to time <3