Fast forward to April 2001 from the previous entry, when I was working at the Science Museum. It was only a couple of days that I started, and my mind was filled with speculative ideas of the next generation of gaming systems. One spectacular surprise was seeing Dead or Alive 3 for the upcoming Xbox. It was jaw dropping, and that had me want to compile a series of things. I then discovered how to do cloths flapping in the wind in 3Ds Max 2.5, and it was something that my 2 buddies were blown away when I put it together in this video.


Discover X (Original 2001)

This is the original 4:3 video~

3 Weeks later I quit my job and had to stay home after suffering some major pains from my crohns symptoms. I had lost so much weight and I was also suffering from a dip in depression. I basically looked like a crack addict how badly I was that time because I was so thin. 


Armor, created by Fernando Vega, animated by Gerardo

But this gave me time to focus and put together the video. I wanted to impress Fernando and Sean at the time by my discovery on making the characters move. I was basically obsessed in making an impression, I lost so much sleep over it. I then had it ready by the end of April and was able to showcase it one Saturday afternoon at the computer clubhouse. Everyone keep saying I had way too much time on my hands, but I perfectly used it to improve myself in this field to better express my ideas. This is when I got the letter in the mail and was accepted to go to the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. 

The previous year I graduated High School but didn’t know exactly where to go. The pressure from family had me extremely worried but I took a year off to concentrate in getting better at making 3D art and finding a way to fix my life then. I felt at a loss because even though I graduated high school first, the pressures reflecting my sister going to college made me push to find something soon. Fernando surprised me by passing me a catalogue booklet from Academy of Art, and seeing big names like Sega, Konami, and even universal printed on it made me want to head over to california. 

Getting the letter from the school really helped my mood get better, and I prepared myself for 2 months to getting there. That year I turned 20, but regardless my cousin, who turned 21, pushed me to drink with him. That was the first time I had a drink of some beer and rum, and also hid from patrol officers in the bush when they were around lol

Anyways, that time was everything, and making that video first before college was the end of me making anything 3D because I signed up for Motion Pictures/Film degree as I was too dumb to pass the exam to get into 3D field then. I just wanted to leave home as well, since my sister was doing the same. Sibling competition there for sure because my family members were just overly bad with pressure at that time.

The next time I make anything 3D is in 2002, as I started learning how to make games using GameMaker and RPG maker 95/2000. This prompts me in continuing creating Dark Ball (Dark Zeta now) in 3D and finishing up on the first chapter to the comic book series. In 1997 I used Macromedia Extreme 3D to animate Dark in 3D. I thought having to do so I would learn, but then stopped once I was finished with the desert fight. That’s when I incorporated him in other works, then finally restarting on it in 2002 in 3d Studio Max, renaming the series as Dark Sphere. 

Next up, Dark Sphere and the many RPGs ideas I had…