So, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to get my website up to snuff with monetizing it in time for today’s event, thus is delayed for another unspecified time. 

The reason so is because i filled up my time trying to focus on the content that I’m about to add in this site. The weather conditions are a factor in this and also it’s time sensitive as well. I need to gather all location shots in my house before any construction happens. At least I’ll have peace of mind once I get pre-production done quickly before anything.

Another thing though is that I wanted to monetize this site as soon I could but unfortunately I need more time to study and work things out. Once I have confidence again that I can nail the date and time down and re-initialize the launch of this site, I’ll post it. I just feel with so much happening that I am not even close in getting there yet, although I am confident that surely I’ll get stuff done by the end of summer.

It isn’t easy to get everything done like I used to since I need to focus on paying bills first. I’ll have time this week to get everything connected and up to my own expectations. As the site stands now, it’s totally open for critique. Leave a comment in the videos you watch to let me know what you think about them. You can also comment on this post to let me know your personal experience about this site and what would you like to see more of. 

The sure thing is that more content will come! I’m always keeping my followers notified about it, so follow me on Twitter @Mariolegend_ to know what’s happening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and please do check back in later for more.