Update Part II (Feb 16, 2019):

Okay, so the direction I’m going to take on this page is to add more custom graphics, including an animated character I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m also going to include webcomics about my persona, M-Legend, here on this site. With that the plan is to also include lots of old stuff I made in the past here that I want to exclusively have, like old video animations I made 20 years ago. 

Again, all of this will take some time. I’m currently working a 9-5 job, and I’m learning how to get my schedule right to focus on these things. This means cutting up time from pleasure and prioritizing stuff to get this page ready.

I need to also fix up DARKZETA.com as that page needs optimizations so it won’t be slow in loading up and I need to add new content and update on where I stand for that one. 

I’m juggling a lot now than ever before, so progress will be very slow. 

I implore you, patience and you’ll see some cool stuff popping up in here for sure. I will definitely be changing this look and will add new graphics to be more attractive and engaging in the future. 

Have a nice day!