Besides all of that, it has been really tough overall to be creative in anything that’s been happening mostly, but I can’t blame the external for not being happy. The real issue is that I’m not happy about myself and the circumstance I put myself in. This snowballed enough for me to go into depression and pointing the finger at the external. This caused great pain with whom are close to me, because they are trying to make me feel happy as well. What COVID did is to amplify the pain more than it already has since I work in an environment where I do meet with more than 100+ people a day. I wear a mask and keep my distance as well wash my hands and use sanitizers when available. The thing here is that I became numb and I’ve cut off that physical element because I want for others to be safe but man, I feel sad here alone.

I miss my aunt and cousin’s cooking and hugs. I miss just being there physically in the noise, away from home and my office. I miss a lot of things and that’s been my creative block. I’m learning how to ignore those feelings because I have to yet if I’m going to work on anything now I can’t help but to fall back into memories and desires I yearn from the past. 

Anyhow, my Mariolegend website is going to be pure creative energy, with animations and my own universe with my own characters that are mixed with other famous ones. I’m following the example of DevilArtemis, a fellow dominican animator in NY who has been using his voice work as Cell in his own works for his youtube channel. Cell isn’t his IP, it is made by the producers of Dragon Ball (Bird Studio/Shueisha) and he makes it up with gags and other anime and cartoons of the 90s into the mix (usually all done in 3D instead of copying the TV show’s frames like he used to into his works). Super Mario and Luigi were also pit against Perfect Cell—

And thus this is fan fiction at its highest expression of love. The biggest deal here is that DevilArtemis has been consistent with this line of work for 3 years straight! My study and observation from this is to do the same by creating fan art and animation (one way to study art and get better at it) and also be able to do some of my own expressions (in which that’s what Famicom Land is, my own fan made universe that puts all the heroes together in a world external from our own, following the narrative creative style of the super mario bros super show cartoon), but then also after get people to stay for my own original works. 

Of course, I am just a sole creator and all these things I have will take time to flesh out – but I already have a few ready for your digest. 

So thank you for coming to my website and supporting me and my creative endeavours. 🙏 I have lots of stuff in the works but it’s all up to you to help and support me in any way shape or form (money, information, wisdom, intel tips, tech tips-).

In the beginning months, I will have this website free of ads, but then to make any money from it (since I’m paying out of pocket for it) I will initialize the ads when possible, in which it’s all about getting people to visit daily. In this effort I will be posting my old game projects and also linking up with other devs to help me get a public space for their games to play here as well, so we can all get a cut from it not just me. I’m just setting an example first and by the end of this year, hopefully, I’ll have set my goals to start a new year with a better fruitful direction. 

Again thank you for helping me and supporting me! Let me know your thoughts and concerns in the comments!