It’s been well over a year since I last tried to do anything in the web development department. From 2019 Summer insanity, to game development focus in the fall with personal disruptions included, I gave up with this site for a bit. Then the holidays really sucked me out of being creative altogether. 2020 arrived and then I took a reprieve from normalcy, which was really needed! Then I got back into a creative wave in Feb until PAX 2020 arrived. Things were getting a bit hard financially to hold up for a moment but I got back on my feet again, then the pandemic happened…

A concept art idea to create an action game with fruit as body elements

The month of March and April has been an action packed one that really tested with my mental health and overall limits. I already fore saw something gross was going to happen when I was returning from my vacation in Feb 1st, but i didn’t fathom it would be this bad. I endured and at work I gained more hours to grind. That really took a lot of me but I gradually got to do some really cool stuff and connect with folks to start on different projects. Still though, the pandemic has affected many in my community. This global event has also affected my mental health as i am practicing social distancing, yet I miss the things I took for granted – hugs and my family. I don’t want my family to catch anything and now things have gotten worse as there are folks with the virus coming in the store. Some have “beaten” it, but like the diseases of the past, they can still give it to others as 14 days isn’t really sufficient time as experts are saying as it’s a case by case thing to get over it. Folks who are asymptomatic also aren’t aware they are carrying it nor got the test done either. This creates a sense of paranoia like no other. This is why folks are freaking out and it’s truly depressing. Seeing people who I used to talk to at work really have high anxiety about it can be draining.

So I’m looking for an opportunity to continue creating and building out my ideas that have been left on pause for a while. I wanted to populate this site with a constant stream of information and content but then I got off the rails and worked on something else. Now I’m back again to set this site to launch soon, but I still don’t know when. I need to be able to unlock it and publish it so folks can know it exists. I also need to add ads to this site so it can start making some revenue. My plans is to post more videos of my past and present and also link it with my game page in marketplace. I just need more time to do this though, and I’m also focused on planning out Dark Zeta’s game/animation project, which is monumental! I found a new program tool that really helps me lay things out better than what I was doing before. That will take a huge amount of time to accomplish, going back to the drawing board as they say I feel this is. Is better to iron out everything as much as I can so execution can be smooth enough the next time I try to do things again right?

Testing feed and new video equipment for live streaming

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