There are still stories to be told from the past…

In the passage of time long ago, there are stories that were made based off the inspirations from the time, where we would entertain ourselves with. Much of it is now forgotten as things got harder to hold on to them but some have survived in CD-ROMS and other mediums. 

These small bits of bytes that has been salvage are the hope that I can retell the stories made in a new light to you guys. 

As conditions gets tougher to preserve these relics, time is of the essence. Thus the whole purpose of this site in the beginning was to case a hall of memories to these data relics of old and give them a new breath of life. 

To this, I hope you the reader enjoy what I got in-store for you.

be sure to come back and check in from time to time and see the splendor of my imagination.